Field Camp

  • Selected list of Field Camps by State

  • Colorado Ecosystem Field Studies 2008 - A 2-week, 3-credit summer field-camp course offered through the University of Colorado at Boulder's Environmental Studies Department. It is Colorado Ecosystem Field Studies (Special Topics in Environmental Science, ENVS 4120) and is located at Cal-Wood Education Center, a private non-profit in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains near Boulder, Colorado. This course is a great opportunity for students to learn ecosystem related topics in a spectacular outdoor setting and to incorporate a variety of field research methods, all while base-camping and hiking each day. Click on the title for a PDF flyer and contact information.

  • SUNY Cortland Summer Field Geology Programs at Brauer Field Station - Offers a rigorous field experience that is project based, and covers the fundamentals of field mapping of both surficial deposits and bedrock. Students are exposed to the classic Lower Devonian Heldeberg stratigraphy in and around Thatcher Park, NY; and map complex structural features in the Hudson Valley fold and thrust belt, complex igneous and metamorphic terranes in the southern Adirondacks, and Quaternary deposits in and around Glacial Lake Albany.
    A flexible plan allows students to take three, four, or five weeks of field instruction for varying amounts of credit hours. In all three options, students analyze and map carbonate strata and surficial deposits in Upstate New York. Students in the four and five week option also map igneous and metamorphic rocks of the Adirondacks. Students in the five-week option conduct an additional study of deformed carbonate strata in the Hudson Valley fold and thrust belt. Visit their webpage for the 2008 schedule, prices, and application forms:

    There are also merit-based scholarships to help offset the cost of tuition for the five-week course option. Applications for those are also on the site. The deadline for application is March 1st.
    Cortland first began this field camp over 20 years ago at the Brauer Education Center, which is located just south of Albany, NY. The Brauer Center is a modern and yet rustic facility well situated for geologic studies, and is the only large geological facility within the State University of New York system.

  • Western Michigan University Hydrogeological Field Course and Graduate Research Programs - download a PDF flyer for information.