Geology Fund
Field Camp Scholarship


The Department provides modest support to qualified students who enroll in a summer field course prior to their graduation. These scholarships are supported by donations to the Geneseo Geology Fund by alumni and faculty.

Students who wish to apply for the $300 scholarship can pick up an application located on the table in the lounge area of the Geology Department Office.  Once completed, return it to Loretta by Tuesday, April 1, 2008. Criteria for selection include academic achievement and contribution to the Department.

It is expected that each recipient will participate in a field camp colloquium next fall. This departmental function will feature descriptions by students of their field experiences. Appropriate topics include the daily and weekly camp routines, field methods introduced, regional geology, and projects completed. Individual presentations can be enhanced if examples of field projects are provided during the power point presentation.

Applications are due by April 1, 2008