Geological Sciences Programs and Requirements

With the option of pursuing a B.A. in Geology, Geochemistry, or Geophysics, students at SUNY Geneseo are exposed to challenging and rewarding curriculum taught by accomplished faculty with a broad range of expertise. Alums of the SUNY Geneseo Department of Geological Sciences have gone on to pursue graduate degrees at Stanford, Scripps, Texas A&M, the University of Wisconsin and the University of Arizona, among others, and to become recognized leaders in their field of geoscience. Click the tabs below to navigate through the Geological Sciences programs at Geneseo.


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Geological Sciences Major - B.A. 

Dr. Scott Giorgis, Chair (ISC 235A)

This program allows students to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geological Sciences. 

Basic major requirements: 37 credit hours

GSCI 160/161Physical Geology and N/Physical Geology Laboratory4
GSCI 170Historical Geology4
GSCI 210Mineralogy3
GSCI 220Petrology3
GSCI 331Geomorphology3
GSCI 341Principles of Structural Geology3
GSCI 351Stratigraphy3
GSCI 361Invertebrate Paleontology3
GSCI 391Geological Sciences Capsone Seminar I1
GSCI 392Geological Sciences Capsone Seminar II1
Electives300-level electives in Geological Sciences9


Related requirements: 21–24 credit hours

CHEM 116, 118, 119, 125 or CHEM 203, 204, 1198
PHYS 113/114 and 115/116 or 123/114 and 125/116 or BIOL 116, 117, 119 or (with department approval) electives in another natural science or Mathematics*6-8
MATH 2214
MATH 222 (strongly recommended) or one of the following statistics courses: BIOL 250, ECON 205, GEOL 278, MATH 242, MATH 262, PLSC 251, PSYC 250, SOCL 2113-4

*Students seeking Certification in Adolescent Education (7-12): Earth Science and General Education may satisfy this requirement with approved classes in meteorology and astronomy.


Total hours as outlined:

  • Major department requirements: 37 hours
  • Related requirements: 21-24 hours
  • Total credit hours required to complete major: 58-61