Geology Alumni Award

Current Geology Juniors and Sophomores

We bring to your attention the Geology Alumni Scholarship which the faculty award each Spring, to provide tuition assistance for the following academic year.

If you are interested in filing an application, please submit to the Department an unofficial copy of your transcript and a formal letter providing details as to how you fulfill criteria 1 through 4 (listed below).

"Senior/Junior standing" in our mind means those students who will have completed, as a minimum, the mineralogy/petrology sequence by the end of the current semester .

Applications must be submitted to the Department Office Secretary

Ask Department Secretary about the due date for this award

The Department of Geological Sciences will award a scholarship of $500 to a major who best fulfills the following criteria:

  • Senior/Junior standing in the major
  • Will attend Geneseo as a full-time student in the fall semester following announcement of the award
  • Plans to pursue an advanced degree in the Geological Sciences
  • Carries a minimum of a 3.3 GPA in geological science courses
  • Possesses outstanding credentials, as measured by GPA in geological science courses, GPA in related courses, overall GPA, number of hours completed in the major, number of hours of related courses completed, and total number of hours completed 
Applications must be submitted to the Depertment Office by April 1, 2008