Herbert Sheldon Field Camp Scholarship


A scholarship award of $500 in the name of Herbert Sheldon was established to partially support a geology major who plans to attend a summer field course. All upper-level students are eligible to apply, as there is no restriction on class year or whether the student will be returning to Geneseo following the field experience. Although the award will be based, in part, on academic achievements, additional characteristics the faculty will take into consideration in determining the recipient are the following. The award is to be granted to a student who

  • is committed to a career in the geological sciences;
  • possesses an aggressive curiosity that challenges professors;
  • is highly motivated and eager to learn;
  • has demonstrated sound scientific judgement and the ability to evaluate results critically;
  • has potential for developing excellent field skills;
  • has indicated the need to receive financial assistance in order to attend a field course.
  • The recipient will be required to write a brief statement to the Sheldon family describing the benefits derived from their field experience.

    Application forms are available at the Department Office and should be submitted with a cover letter no later than April 1, 2008