Welcome to the Department of Geological Sciences

Students with a broad, interdisciplinary interest in sciences, a curiosity of how the Earth works, and an appreciation for the natural world will find themselves at home in the Department of Geological Sciences. With the option of pursuing a B.A. in Geology, Geochemistry, or Geophysics, students engage in a challenging and rewarding curriculum taught by an enthusiastic and dedicated faculty with a broad range of expertise. Graduates of the Department of Geological Sciences are equipped with the knowledge and skills to become outstanding contributors and leaders in the geoscience community. 

Recent News

The Department of Geological Sciences welcomes to the faculty Dr. Nicholas Warner! Dr. Warner is a planetary geologist with expertise in geomorphology, hydrology and stratigraphy. 

Dr. Scott Giorgis was recently awarded a Fulbright Fellowship, "Advancing Fault Zone Education in Chile and the United States". During the Fall 2014 semester at Universidad de Concepción's Departamento Ciencias de la Tierra, Dr. Giorgis is teaching courses in kinematics, strain analysis, numerical modeling in fault zone systems, and historical geology. He also planning the January 2015 Field Trip to Chile 

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