Budget Priorities Committee

The Budget Priorities Committee will play a key role in certain matters as they pertain to the College’s Budget, and may on occasion be asked to serve in a consultative role with the President.

The BPC will review responses to Budget Call Letters and prepare a prioritized listing of requests for the President’s review. This listing shall be prepared in a manner that is consistent with and in support of the College’s strategic planning goals and budget priorities as established by the Strategic Planning Group (SPG).

On an annual basis, the BPC will conduct general reviews of the College’s budget and report on the same to the College Senate.

From time to time, the BPC may be called upon by the President and/or SPG to undertake special studies and analyses consistent with its role as an advisory committee on budget related matters. Such studies or analyses should be done in the context of the College’s overall goals and priorities, and may have tight timelines for completion.

The President may also choose to convene the BPC to consult with him/her on specific budgetary matters requiring a more immediate response

Specific details about this group can be found in the Constitution of the Faculty: Article X, Section V.

Current roster

  • VP Administration and Finance, Co-Chair: Jim Milroy
  • Past Chair of the Faculty, Co-Chair: David Granger
  • Presiding Officer of the Faculty: James McLean
  • Vice Chair of College Senate: Janice Lovett
  • Provost/VP Academic Affairs: David Gordon
  • VP Student & Campus Life: Robert Bonfiglio
  • VP College Advancement: Bill Brower
  • Director of Budget & Financial Analysis: Julie Morgan
  • Professional Staff Member: Mike Mooney
  • SA President: Forrest Regan