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Motion 10: Electronic Governance

Whereas governance through electronic communications is permitted in the Constitution, but details of what is permissible are missing,

Be it moved to amend the Constitution of the Faculty of SUNY Geneseo, and the Bylaws thereof, by making the following deletions (indicated with strike-out text) and additions (indicated with underlined text).

[Only those paragraphs with changes and their headings are given.  Section titles are links to the affected Section in the current Constitution and Bylaws.]


Section 6: Electronic Meetings

a. Committees of the Senate may conduct meetings and distribute materials to be considered by electronic means.  Members of a committee may similarly participate electronically in meetings they are unable to attend in person.

b. With the consent of two-thirds of their entire membership, Committees may conduct discussions of and with the consent of two-thirds of their members vote on motions by electronic means.


Section 4: Electronic Voting

In cases where electronic voting is permitted, a quorum for an electronic vote shall be achieved when the number of votes cast meets or exceeds the number of members required for a quorum in an in-person meeting.