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Motion 3: Deactivated Departments

Whereas academic departments that will be deactivated this spring are specifically mentioned in the Constitution of the Faculty,

Be it moved to amend the Constitution of the Faculty of SUNY Geneseo by making the following deletions (indicated with strike-out text) and additions (indicated with underlined text).

[Only those paragraphs with changes and their headings are given.  Section titles are links to the affected Section in the current Constitution.]


Section 4: The Committee on Professional Leave Review

a. Membership:

1. The Professional Leave Review Committee will consist of one academic representative from each of the six five following areas: Natural Science (Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geological Sciences, Mathematics, Physics/Astronomy), Social Science (Anthropology, Communication, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology), Humanities (English, Foreign languages Languages & Literatures, History, Philosophy), Fine Arts (Art, School of Performing Arts Art History, Music, and Theatre & Dance), Education/Communicative Disorders and Sciences, and Professional Studies (Education, School of Business, College Libraries).

3. Each member of the Professional Leave Review Committee shall be elected to a three year term. Terms of office shall end on May 31. No member shall be elected to more than two consecutive terms. One third of the Committee membership will be eligible for election yearly, with election Election from the areas of Natural Science and Humanities is to occurring in 2004 and every third year thereafter, election from the areas of Social Science and Fine Arts is to occurring in 2006 and every third year thereafter, and elections for from the remaining areas is to occurring in 2005 and every third year thereafter.