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Motion 6: Elective Procedures

Whereas the Committee on Nominations and Elections now runs elections, and other elements of elective procedure can be more clearly and accurately described,

Be it moved to amend the Constitution of the Faculty of SUNY Geneseo, and the Bylaws thereof, by making the following deletions (indicated with strike-out text) and additions (indicated with underlined text).

[Only those paragraphs with changes and their headings are given.  Section titles are links to the affected Section in the current Constitution and Bylaws.]


Section 3: Committee on Faculty Personnel

b. Selection of Committee Members:

1. In the Spring prior to an election, the Committee on Nominations and Elections shall

(i) determine and announce in the College Senate Bulletin, (1) the number of Faculty Personnel Committee members to be elected and (2) the mandatory number of Full Professors to be elected in a given year.

(ii) In the Spring prior to an election, the Committee on Nominations and Elections shall create a list from records housed in the Provost's Office of those Associate and Full Professors who are eligible for election as described in Section 3a “Membership”(i.e., omitting Department Chairs and individuals from Departments with continuing Faculty Personnel Committee members).

(iii) Prior to the end of the spring semester, the Committee shall send a letter to all eligible individuals asking them to indicate a willingness or unwillingness to serve. Those not wishing to serve will be responsible for asking to have their names removed.


Section 2: Elective Procedures

a. Presentation of the Slate of Officers

2. The Presiding Officer of the Faculty Chair of the College Senate shall call a general meeting of the Faculty at which time the report of the Committee on Nominations and Elections shall be presented; a nominee must have consented to run for office before his/her name is added to the slate.

b. Time of Election

2. The time of election shall be determined by the Committee on Nominations and Elections College Senate Chair in concurrence with applicable provisions of the Constitution and the By-Laws of the Faculty.

c. Balloting

2. The preparation and distribution of the ballots shall be the responsibility of the Committee on Nominations and Elections Chair of the College Senate.

3. The procedure of counting ballots and announcing the results of the elections shall be determined by the Executive Committee of the College Senate, in accordance with accepted parliamentary procedure.

d. Eligibility to Vote for Senate Office, Senators-at-Large and Committee Representatives

1. All members of the Faculty shall be eligible to vote in the election of senate officers of the faculty.

Section 4 3: Election of Senators

Section 3 4: Taking Office