This page lists motions that have been passed by the Geneseo Faculty, other than the election of officials and committee members.  Election results since 2009 are preserved in the online voting system; request information of the Presiding Officer/Senate Chair.

The actions of the Geneseo College Senate are separately maintained.

Actions are listed in reverse chronological order (most recent first).  Multiple actions on the same date are separated by a horizontal line or provided through links.

This page is currently complete from September 2009 to May 2014.

Constitutional Ammendments

26 April 2015

(by Presidential action, as outlined in Constitution Article XIII, Section 4)

Changes to ARTICLE X: STANDING COMMITTEES OF THE COLLEGE (X.2.a.1, X.2.b.1, X.2.d added, X.3.a.7 & 8, X.3.b.1, X.3.b.1(a) & (b), X.4.a.1)

20 April 2015

Clarification of Membership in the Faculty (II.1.b & c)

Referring to the Appropriate Title (III.3.b.4 and VI.3)

Updating the Office of Past Presiding Officer (V.1 & 7, VI.6, and VII.1)

Simplifying a Committee Name (IX.1)

Correcting Teaching Faculty Election Procedures (III.4.b.5, IV.7, IV.7.a & b)

Affirming Changes Made in Previous Years (IV.4, IV.8 inserted, IV.8, IV.9)

Reapportioning Professional Senators (IV.5)

Renaming Administrative Faculty (II.1.a & b & c, IV.5, IX.1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 5.a) (Bylaws I.1.a.2, I.1.b.2, I.3.b, V.3.a, V.3.a.2, )

27 January 2015

(by Presidential action, as outlined in Constitution Article XIII, Section 4)
In the Constitution of the Faculty of SUNY at Geneseo, Article X, Section 5, paragraph (a), the membership of the Budget Priorities Committee will be changed by replacing "Presiding Officer of the Faculty/Chair, College Senate" with "Treasurer of the Faculty" and by replacing "Vice President for Student and Campus Life, Vice President for Advancement" with "All other Vice Presidents of the College".

18 April 2014

Definition of the Faculty of SUNY Geneseo (II.1)

Academic Standards Hearings (III.2.b)

Deactivated Departments (III.4.a.1 & 3)

Managing Elections (III.1.b divided into 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7) (Bylaws I.2.e added)

Timing of Elections (III.3.b.4, V.5 & 6) (Bylaws I.2.a.1 & 3, I.2.b.1; I.4.a deleted)

Elective Procedures (III.3.b.1 divided into (i), (ii), & (iii) ) (Bylaws I.2.a.2, I.2.b.2, I.2.c.2 & 3, I.2.d.1 & 3 & 4)

Constitutional Clarifications (III.1.a, III.3.a.5, IV.5 & 9, V.1 & 2 & 5)

Senate Representation Apportionment (IV.7.a & b)

Executive Committee Speaking for Others (VIII.9)

Electronic Governance (XI.6 divided into a & b) (Byaws II.4 added)

17 May 2010

Allow Electronic Committee Meetings (XI.6 added)

Amend the Committee on Nominations (III.1.b)

20 October 2009

Editorial changes made without balloting

Bylaws Ammendments

18 April 2014

Managing Elections (I.2.e added) (Constitution III.1.b divided into 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7)

Timing of Elections (I.2.a.1 & 3, I.2.b.1; I.4.a deleted) (Constitution III.3.b.4, V.5 & 6)

Elective Procedures (I.2.a.2, I.2.b.2, I.2.c.2 & 3, I.2.d.1 & 3 & 4)(Constitution III.3.b.1 divided into (i), (ii), & (iii) )

Electronic Governance (II.4 added) (Constitution XI.6 divided into a & b)

Start of Incoming College Senate (I.3)

Bylaws Clarifications (I.1.a.1 & 2, I.1.b.2, V.2, V.3, V.3.a)

Standing Rules Changes

This section refers to Standing Rules of the Faculty.  For Standing Rules of the College Senate go to this page.

20 April 2015

Procedures for Faculty Absences (II added)