General Education Committee

The functions of the General Education Committee shall be (1) to oversee the General Education Curriculum, (2) to continuously assess the effectiveness of that curriculum, and (3) to consider innovations that might further strengthen the congruence of that curriculum with best practices in higher education and the mission and goals of the College. In its oversight role, the Committee shall communicate its concerns directly to the General Education Area Committees and to the Dean of Curriculum and Academic Services. In its assessment role, the Committee shall work in conjunction with the Assessment Planning Committee. In its development role, the Committee shall forward recommendations both to appropriate committees of the Senate and to the Provost and President.

Specific details about this group can be found in the Constitution of the Faculty: Article X, Section II

2014-2015 roster

Terms for elected positions run from June 1 of the initial year to May 31 of the final year.

Core area chair term are less precisely defined, but similarly on the academic calendar.







Cmte Chair (member of Provost's office)Gary TowsleyMathematicsappointed
by Provost
Natural Sciences Core Area ChairCharlie FreemanPhysicsex officio20132015
Social Science Core Area ChairLeonie StoneSchool of Businessex officio20132015
Fine Arts Core Area ChairSteven StubblefieldTheatre & Danceex officio20132015
Humanities Core Area ChairJoseph CopeHistoryex officio20132015
Critical Writing and Reader Core Area co-ChairDouglas BaldwinMathematicsex officio20132015
Critical Writing and Reader Core Area co-ChairMaria LimaEnglishex officio20132015
Numeric & Symbolic Reasoning Core Area ChairJef KochPol Science & Intern Relationsex officio20142016
Other World Civilizations Core Area ChairCarlo FilicePhilosophyex officio20142016
US History Core Area ChairJordan KleimanHistoryex officio20132015
Foreign Languages Core Area ChairLori BernardLanguages & Literaturesex officio
Faculty, Fine ArtsVACANTelected20132015
Faculty, HumanitiesJoseph CopeHistoryelected20132015
Faculty, Natural Sciences (& Math)Kurt FletcherPhysicselected20142016
Faculty, Professional StudiesHarry HoweSchool of Businesselected20142016
Faculty, Social SciencesVACANTelected20132015
Student & Campus Life Professional StaffVACANTappointed
by President
Student Assembly Academic Affairs Cmte memberTushara Surapaneniappointed
by SA
Student, Sophomore or JuniorVACANTappointed
by Provost


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