General Education Committee

The functions of the General Education Committee shall be (1) to oversee the General Education Curriculum, (2) to continuously assess the effectiveness of that curriculum, and (3) to consider innovations that might further strengthen the congruence of that curriculum with best practices in higher education and the mission and goals of the College. In its oversight role, the Committee shall communicate its concerns directly to the General Education Area Committees and to the Dean of Curriculum and Academic Services. In its assessment role, the Committee shall work in conjunction with the Assessment Planning Committee. In its development role, the Committee shall forward recommendations both to appropriate committees of the Senate and to the Provost and President.

Specific details about this group can be found in the Constitution of the Faculty: Article X, Section II

Current roster

Provost's Office Chair:                                                                           Gary Towsley, Mathematics

Natural Sciences Core Area Chair:                                                    Kurt Fletcher, Physics

Social Science Core Area Chair:                                                        James Bearden, Sociology

Fine Arts Core Area Chair:                                                                   Melanie Blood, English

Humanities Core Area Chair:                                                               Ken Asher, English

Critical Writing and Reader Core Area Chair:                                   Rachael Hall, English and Anne-Marie Reynolds, Music

Numeric & Symbolic Reasoning Core Area Chair:                          Carol Haddad, Mathematics

Non-Western Core Area Chair:                                                            Russell Judkins, Anthropology

US History Core Area Chair:                                                                 Kathy Mapes, History

Foreign Languages Core Area Chair:                                                 Beverly Evans, Foreign Languages

Elected Faculty in Fine Arts:                                                                   Melanie Blood, English

Elected Faculty in Natural Science/Math/Computer Science:         Kurt Fletcher, Physics

Elected Faculty in Professional Programs:                                          Doug MacKenzie, CDSC

Elected Faculty in Humanities:                                                              Joesph Cope, History

Elected Faculty in Social Sciences:                                                      Tony Bazzett, Psychology


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