Strategic Planning Group

The Strategic Planning Group (SPG) will define overarching goals for the College, evaluate priorities and, where appropriate, recommend new or revised goals and strategies that will strengthen the mission of the College. SPG will review the goals of the College and its constituent units to ensure that they are in keeping with the Vision and Mission Statements and will regularly review the College's progress towards these goals. The Strategic Planning Group will make all of its recommendations directly to the President.

Specific details about this group can be found in the Constitution of the Faculty: Article X, Section 3.


(Offices listed.  See SPG pages below for current members.)

Provost (Chair of SPG)

Presiding Officer of the Faculty

Past Presiding Officer

Four Faculty members (Presidential appointee from Executive Committee nominations.  No departmant may be duplicated.)

SA President or designee

Student (Sophomore or Junior chosen by the President from three nominees submitted by the SA President, 2-year term renewable for one year.)

VP of Student & Campus Life

VP of College Advancement

VP of Administration & Finance

VP of Enrollment Services

Professional staff member (Presidential appointee)

Resource Staff (non-voting)


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