Download Presentation/Performance Guidelines pfd


  • GREAT Day is April 21, 2015
  • PLEASE submit as early as possible using the online form that can be found at:
  • Presentation/Performance Submission Worksheets detail all the information required for the online submission:  Individual Presentation (docx)   Entire Session (docx)
  • When you have read the guidelines and collected all necessary information, complete the on-line submission. Deadline is 4:30 pm on March 13, 2015.
  • For your records, we suggest you print a copy of your completed submission form before you hit the "Submit" button.
  • Each primary student contact will receive an email confirming their submission. Each faculty member will receive an emailfor all submissions in which they are identified as the sponsor.


  • CATEGORIES INCLUDE: Individual or small group dance, instrumental, vocal or theatrical performances; Paper presentations; PowerPoint presentations; Panel discussions; Readings of creative works of poetry, prose, and fiction.
  • GROUPING: Concurrent sessions will be grouped into 3-4 presentations/performances. There will be at least three blocks of concurrent sessions during the day. The general time format will be 12 minutes per presentation or performance followed by a 3 minute question period. Faculty members may also propose a session of longer presentations. Please see item 2, below for more details.

1. INDIVIDUAL SESSION - Students may submit their presentation or performance and will be assigned to a session.  These submissions will be grouped into sessions of 3-4 presentations or performances by the planning committee. If you are submitting more than one presentation or performance for the concurrent sessions, please indicate this in the Special Requirements box on the form so that we do not schedule your presentations at the same time.

2. ENTIRE SESSION - Faculty members and/or students may propose an entire session and identify 3 or 4 student presentations or performances to be included in the session. The faculty sponsor will be responsible for identifying a session chair (a student or faculty member). Faculty members may sponsor more than one session, but if you do so, please indicate this in the Special Requirements box on the form so that we do not schedule your sessions at the same time. Sessions of up to four 15-minute presentations/performances or up to three 25-minute presentations/performances will be accepted.  Please contact Patty Hamilton-Rodgers,, to discuss alternate formats.

  • SPECIAL NEEDS: If you have special needs (technical, timing, etc) for your presentation or performance, please make sure you check the appropriate boxes on the submission form or add in other requirements.


  • Titles of presentations and performances are limited to 200 characters.
  • Abstract/Brief Description is limited to 200 words. Abstract should include the major points of your presentation. Each sentence should convey important information. While your presentation may be a technical report, please remember that you are addressing a general, but educated, audience. Specific terms should be defined and explained.
  • The online-form will accept standard ASCII characters only (#$%^&*()_+~'-+={}[]|\"?<>). If your title or abstract/short description requires any special characters, please insert the name of the character in < > (example <delta>).
  • Please be sure to proof your abstract as it will be included in the program as submitted.

If you have any questions please contact Patty Hamilton-Rodgers,