Tune in to GSTV to see any of our original programs:




And more to come!

GSTV airs local, original programming 24/7! Tune in during the day for recent campus events and a

ctivities or at night for live broadcasts righ from the GSTV Studio located in the union basement!

Interested in joining? Email gstv@geneseo.edu. Want us to film your club's performance or game? We do that! Just email gstv@geneseo.edu and we'll film your event, put it on GSTV Channel Four, and make DVDs for a low cost if you want them.

Geneseo Student Television is a student run campus television station funded by mandatory student activity fees and provides alternate programming for the entire college community. GSTV is closed-circuit, meaning that programming can only be accessed through campus cable and can be viewed on Channel 4. GSTV cannot be viewed off campus.








GSTV is supported by mandatory student activity fees.