Health Requirements for International Students

Welcome to SUNY Geneseo!  Before you arrive for your studies at Geneseo, you must complete certain requirements.  It is a New York state law that we collect this information.

Incoming Student Checklist is available for you! Download and print the Incoming Student Checklist to be sure that you are submitting all of the required health information.

Immunization Records and current Physical Examinations are required.  Your immunization record must include 2 Measles/Mumps/Rubella and current Meningococcal Meningitis Vaccines.  Download and print the Physical Examination Form for your healthcare provider to complete, sign and attach your immunization records.

Consent for Medical Treatment of Minors is required for students under 18 years of age.  Download and print the Consent For Treatment Of A Minor form and submit to Health and Counseling.

Personal and Medical History forms are required and can be submitted at  Before logging in to complete the required forms, be sure to do the following:

  • Gather your health records, including medication and immunization information.
  • Review your personal health records as well as your family health history with family members.

Potential Varsity Athletes must also complete the First-Year Student Althlete-Forms located here:

Students Taking AD/HD Medications should review the Health & Counseling policy, as our department does not prescribe these medicines


SUNY Geneseo requires that all students complete their Personal and Medical History and demonstrate compliance with the immunization and meningitis response requirements, by the following deadlines.

For students entering in the fall:  June 1st
For students entering in the spring: December 1st
For students accepted late:  within 30 days of acceptance

Note:  Students born before 1957 are exempt from the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine portion of the NYS requirement.


  • New Students: Physical Examination must have been completed within the past year.
  • Varsity Student Athletes: Physical Examination must have been completed within the past six months.
  • Transfer Students and Graduate Students: Physical Examination must have been completed within the last two years.
  • Graduate Students who Graduated from SUNY Geneseo within the Past Year: Physical Examination not required.

A Note For Transfer Students:

You may submit transcripts of your physical examination from your previous school if the exam was done within the past 24 months. However, we recommend that you update your health care status with your personal physician prior to coming to Geneseo. In particular, if you have any chronic medical conditions or take medication regularly, that information should be updated and detailed on your health history form.

Guide to Health Care at SUNY Geneseo

During your time at Geneseo, you may utilize any of the services that Health & Counseling offers. The GUIDE TO HEALTH CARE AT SUNY GENESEO provides information on the services offered at Health and Counseling as well as our hours, phone numbers, required immunizations, health insurance, what the health fee covers, and a list of self-care items you should consider bringing to school with you. 



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Before leaving this page, please remember that these requirements are NEW YORK STATE LAW. We will be placing a hold on your account if you have not submitted the required information by the deadlines outlined above.