Psychiatric Services through Counseling Services

Fall 2014 Semester | AD/HD Medication Treatment

To provide students with medications to manage psychological disorders and related symptoms, Health & Counseling employes a part-time psychiatric provider.  Our psychiatric provider practices out of the Counseling Services office during the fall and spring semesters only (psychiatric services are NOT available over summers and other college breaks). To access our psychiatric services, students must first be evaluated by a counselor in our office, who will then determine whether a psychiatric referral is appropriate.  To schedule an initial appointment with a counselor, please call Counseling Services at 585-245-5716.

Fall 2014 Update

Unfortunately, our psychiatric provider for the 2013-14 academic year, Lauren O'Meal, NPP, unexpectedly resigned her position, leaving us without a provider for the Fall 2014 semester.  

This means that at least for the start of this academic year, psychiatric services will not be available through Health & Counseling. We realize that this will be problematic for many of our clients, and we are striving to obtain new psychiatric coverage as soon as possible. In the meantime, we would like to suggest several options to assist you with continuing your medication management without interruption.

  1. If you have a psychiatric provider at home and/or have a primary care physician who is willing to prescribe your psychotropic medications for you, we strongly encourage you to contact that provider to request refills on your current prescriptions. Even if you are out of the area, your provider can mail prescriptions to you while you are at Geneseo; alternately, a family member can fill the prescription and have it mailed to you.
  2. If your hometown is close to the Geneseo area, you may want to consider obtaining a psychiatrist back home even if you do not have one already. This option is especially preferred if you are home on a regular basis and if you believe you might require any changes to your medication(s) in the near future.
  3. Alternatively, you may wish to see a psychiatric provider in the Geneseo area. (This would include the option of continuing to work with Lauren O'Meal, NPP, in her private practice, located in Penfield, NY.) You would likely need a car, as most psychiatrists are in the Rochester area (Livingston County Mental Health in Geneseo is also an option), and you would need to use your personal health insurance. You can find a list of local psychiatric providers on our web site here:
  4. A final option would be to schedule an appointment to meet with one of the clinicians in Health Services. Because the Health Services clinicians are general practitioners (i.e., they do not specialize in psychiatric treatment), this option is for those who require refills of their medication(s) ONLY. If you need any changes to your current medication regimen, including wanting to start on a new medication, we strongly encourage you to consider options 1-3 above. (NOTE: This does not affect Health & Counseling's AD/HD policy; we are still unable to provide medications for the treatment of AD/HD.)

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you. Please know that we are working hard to restore psychiatric services, and we will update you once a new provider is in place. Should you have any questions prior to that time, please feel free to call Counseling Services at 585-245-5716.

For additional information about receiving psychiatric services through Health & Counseling, please review this Psychiatric Services: Important Information brochure.

AD/HD Medication Treatment

An Important Note Concerning Medications Commonly Used to Treat AD/HD:  

If you take/have taken one of the medications commonly used to treat AD/HD (e.g., Ritalin, Adderall, Vyvanse, Concerta, Strattera), please be advised that per our departmental policy and consistent with standards of practice in college student health, Health & Counseling is no longer prescribing these medications or any similar medicines used to treat AD/HD.

If you currently take one of these medications and plan to continue while you are in college, you will need to make arrangements to maintain your prescription without interruption. We offer the following recommendations:

  1. Speak to your current prescribing health care provider. Your provider may be able to mail you prescriptions while you are at school, or you may be able to arrange for a family member to pick up prescriptions and mail them to you. Please be advised that if your provider is a pediatrician, you may have to arrange for a referral to a new provider prior to coming to Geneseo in the fall. (Working with a psychiatrist is ideal, but you may also choose to have your medication prescribed by a primary care physician back home.)
  2. Make a plan for seeking psychiatric care closer to campus. If you decide to pursue this option, please be advised that there are NO psychiatrists in Geneseo or the neighboring towns, so you will need to have access to a car so that you can meet with a local psychiatrist, most of whom are in the Rochester area. You can find a list of psychiatric referrals on the Health & Counseling web site at

We hope that this information is helpful to you.  Please feel free to call our office at 585-245-5716 if you have questions.  (This policy is valid for ALL students as of the Fall 2014 semester.)