Red Watch Band

What is Red Watch Band?

The Red Watch Band movement is a bystander intervention program designed to end alcohol overdose deaths by teaching students how to handle alcohol emergencies and summon professional help. All participants who complete the RWB training receive CPR certification and are able to understand how alcohol emergencies are medical emergencies that require immediate, professional care. Over 100 Geneseo students have completed Red Watch Band trainings in the past two years.

Check back for future training dates! 

If you are interested in signing up, please use this online form.  However, please note that space is limited for these trainings, and so you may be wait-listed. You will be emailed one week before your scheduled training, and you must confirm your attendance to hold your place at the training. Please make sure you are committed before taking a spot from another student. Thanks.

What is Toxic Drinking?

Toxic drinking is an epidemic on campuses all across America. It means consuming so much alcohol the drinker passes out. But while "sleeping it off," the victim may be quietly dying. When you come right down to it, it's a problem that only students can tackle. To find out more, visit SUNY Stony Brook's Red Watch Band page.









More Information

For more information on how you can help, visit the Stand Up! page for Alcohol & Other Drugs.