How Much Do You Sit?

All answers must be in minutes and should relate to an average day, not that one time you took a long walk or decided not to got on Facebook all day.

____ Sitting in classes

____ Sitting in groups, activities, organizations, other

____ Sitting at work

____ Sitting at parties, in friends rooms, at other social events

____ Eating breakfast, lunch, dinner (or drinking coffee at Starbucks)

____ Using the internet, including on your computer or on your phone

____ Watching TV, movies, concerts

____ Studying and reading for class

____ Driving (including to a job/internship, home on weekends, etc.)

____ Other sitting time (including non-class reading, hobbies, etc.)


TOTAL = _____

Okay, now ADD 420 minutes (7 hours) for the average amount of time spent in bed per day (adjust if needed based on sleep time).

NEW TOTAL = _____


Now take your new total and subtract from 1440 (total number of minutes per day):

1440 - new total = _____


Finally, multiply by 100 to obtain a percentage of each day that you spend being active.

This final number is the percentage of the average day that your body is ACTIVE.

get up and stretch!

Find simple seated stretches on the CDC web site (below); for more tips on being active; visit our Exercise is Medicine and College Students & Healthy Eating/Exercising/Weight Management pages.

show me an example