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Margaret Stolee

Assistant Professor of


Sturges Hall 2
1 College Circle
Geneseo, NY 14454

Margaret Stolee has been a member of the Geneseo faculty since 1985.

Faculty Information


  • Ph.D., Duke University

Research Interests

  • Russia
  • Comparative Revolutions
  • European Social History


Awards and Honors

  • Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Faculty Service
Spring 2016 Classes

HIST 301:
Interp-Hist:Stalin & Stalinism

    This is one of two required skills-based seminars in the History major and is focused on critical reading and analysis. This class introduces students to the concept of historiography, which includes
    the critical assessment of the methods and sources that historians use in fashioning an argument, the contexts that inform historians' approaches to understanding the past, and comparisons of different historians' conclusions about similar topics. All sections will focus on a specific set of historical issues and/or events chosen by the instructor and class content emphasizes critical reflection on the variety of historical interpretations that are possible within a given topic. The class is reading and writing intensive. Majors may take HIST 301 and 302 in any sequence, and should plan to complete both HIST 301 and 302 during the sophomore or junior year. Prerequisites: Sophomore standing or higher. Multiple sections offered every fall & spring semester.
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HIST 342:
Imperial &Revolutionary Russia

    A survey of Russian history with special emphasis given to the political, economic, social, and cultural unrest which developed in the period of the later Romanovs and led to the rise of communist soc
    iety. Prerequisites: HIST 301 and HIST 302, or permission of the instructor. Not offered on a regular basis
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HUMN 221:
H/Western Humanities II

    A search for moral, social, and political alternatives and meaning embodied in the institutions, culture, and literature of Western Civilization from 1600 to the present. The course is factual as well
    as conceptual, including a narrative history of the period covered. Prerequisite: Humn 220.
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