Step 1:  Pay Your Housing Deposit


Note:  This web page -- and all other Housing Selection 2016 web pages -- are designed for students who are already taking classes at SUNY Geneseo.  If you are an incoming student looking for information about residence hall housing, kindly refer to the written correspondence which you received from the Admissions Office.



You can pay your housing deposit online through your KnightWeb account or in person at the Student Accounts Office in Erwin Hall.


Type of HousingHousing Deposit Deadline (for 2016 - 2017 school year)
Townhouse10/9/2015 (not payable until 9/15/2015)
Superior Single RoomsNo longer will be offered for the 2016-2017 school year
EcoHouse and Writers HouseTBA
Gender-Neutral HousingTBA
Corridor-Style RoomsTBA


Directions for paying your housing deposit through KnightWeb:

1.  Access your KnightWeb account, either by signing into myGeneseo or at
2.  Click on "Student" menu.
3.  Click on "Student Records".
4.  Click on "Pay Housing Deposit".
5.  Select "Credit Card" from the drop-down box.
6.  You should then be prompted to enter your credit card information and initiate your online housing deposit payment.


Information for parents:

In order to pay your student's housing deposit online, you will need log-in information.  If your student has arranged for you to be an "authorized user" through the Student Accounts Office, you will be able to pay the housing deposit at


Directions for paying your housing deposit by telephone:

Call the Student Accounts Office at (585) 245-5621.


Directions for paying your housing deposit in person:

Visit the Student Accounts Office in 103 Erwin Hall.


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