Housing Selection:  2014 - 2015

Welcome to the Housing Selection 2014 web site!  For now, information within these pages will be directed towards students who wish to live in the Saratoga Terrace townhouses for the 2014 - 2015 school year.

Note:  This web site is designed for current Geneseo students only.  If you are an incoming student, you will be prompted to complete a different housing application after you pay your Geneseo deposit.

Important Links:

Symplicity Residence Housing Software

(Beginning this year, all of our housing applications must be completed online, through our Symplicity Residence software.)

What you should know about the townhouses:

1.  All bedrooms in the townhouses are designed as singles.  This picture slideshow can help you to envision what the townhouses look like.

2.  Townhouses contain either 4 or 5 bedrooms, which means that only 4-person or 5-person groups can be considered.

3.  Students who live in the townhouses are not required to buy a campus meal plan.

4.  The townhouses are gender-neutral; you can apply to live with any of your friends, regardless of how they identify with respect to gender.  (It is possible for male students and female students to live in a townhouse together.)

5.  Students who live in the townhouses are allowed to stay during College breaks.