Step 4:  Choose Your Housing

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Note:  This web page -- and all other Housing Selection 2015 web pages -- are designed for students who are already taking classes at SUNY Geneseo.  If you are an incoming student looking for information about residence hall housing, kindly refer to the written correspondence which you received from the Admissions Office.



Townhouse Selection -- notifications sentNo Later than Odcotber 18, 2015
Townhouse Selection (using Symplicity Residence software)October 19, 2015
General Housing Selection (using Symplicity Residence software)  TBA (April 2015)



After you pay your housing deposit, complete your application(s), and form your roommate group, all that is left is to wait!  The Housing Selection processes for Jones superior single rooms and Saratoga Terrace townhouses will be happening on Thursday, November 13.

You will be notified about your official Housing Selection date and time on Wednesday, November 12.  If you want to know how selection order is determined, feel free to visit our Approved Groups and Selection Order web page.


1.  Starting the Selection Process:

At your designated Housing Selection time, you should notice a blue "Room Selection" box in the lower left corner of your Symplicity Residence home screen.  This is shown in the screenshot below.  If you click on the link which reads "You may now finalize your housing selection.", you can begin the process of choosing your living space.


housing selection step 4 (1).


2.  Choose Your Desired Residence Hall, Floor, and Suite/Room:

You should be directed to a screen entitled "Make Room Selection", which is illustrated below.  This is where you can choose your preferred residence hall, floor, and suite/room from the living spaces that are still available.


housing selection step 4 (2).


Only the suites and rooms which are not yet selected and which match the size of your roommate group will show in the drop-down menus.  This means that, for instance, 6-person groups will not be able to choose 8-person suites.


housing selection step 4 (3).


After you choose your preferred residence hall, you will be prompted to choose a floor, then an "apartment" or corridor-style room.  (Note:  In Symplicity, suites are called "apartments".  Feel free to ignore this language.)


3.  Specify Assignments/Roommates Within Suite:

If you and your friends are choosing a suite, you will also need to specify where each group member will be living within the suite.  This is achieved through the use of drop-down boxes, as shown in the screenshot below.


housing selection step 4 (4).


4.  Finalize Your Housing Selection:

After you click the "Finalize Selection" button, the below screen should appear.  This signifies that your suite or room has been reserved, which means that no other roommate group will be able to choose your living space.


housing selection step 4 (5).


Potential Challenges in Choosing Your Housing:

1.  You will be able to view only the rooms and suites which match the size of your roommate group.  If you are a leader of a 6-person roommate group, you will not be able to choose an 8-person suite.

2.  Housing Selection times are staggered by intervals of 3 minutes.  If your roommate group's Housing Selection time is 8:00pm, another group will be able to choose their living space at 8:03pm.  In the event that you wait too long to finalize your selection, the next group could choose the same room or suite which you are in the process of choosing.

3.  Only the leader of your roommate group (marked by the yellow star in the above screenshot) will be able to choose your living space for 2015 - 2016.  If the leader of your group is unavailable to choose your room or suite at your designated Housing Selection time, he/she can transfer the group leader designation to another group member by clicking the green arrow next to his/her name in the "Roommate Managment" tab, as shown below.  (Note:  In this example, Fake Kevin is the group leader.)


housing selection step 4 (6).




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