2009 - 2010

Geneseo Pride Committee Members

Co-Chairs: Julie Briggs, Human Resources, Tabitha Buggie-Hunt, Disability Services
Members: George Anselme, Admissions; Jackie Love, Facilities Services; Tracy Paradis, Library; Kimberly Harvey, Residence Life; Diane Cannon, College Advancement



Geneseo Pride Recipients

The selection process this year was difficult, with 13 nominations for this year’s award, which included nominations of 2 teams and 11 individuals. This year, the committee selected the following three highly deserving individuals to receive the Geneseo Pride Award.



Kimberly Harvey, Coordinator of Residential Living, Residence Life Department
Nominated by Kevin Hahn, Area Coordinator for Residence Life

Kimberly Harvey


Biography/Nomination:  Kim has been a member of the Residential Life staff since August 2006.  Kim started at the College as a Residence Director.  In a very short time frame, she demonstrated her abilities to be an effective leader and as a result assumed higher levels of responsibility within Residential Life. 

Kim was instrumental in planning the 1st Annual Live Green Day in February 2008.  Through Live Green Day, students were offered an opportunity to learn about sustainability, specifically gaining insight about what they could do to contribute to a sustainable environment.  Kim also designed a YouBelong program series for transfer students, which assisted this population of students with a way to make meaningful connections with the campus during their transition to Geneseo.  Kim’s efforts in energizing these programs have translated to tangible benefits for the College and for our students.  Kim not only believes in and models Geneseo’s shared values; she also ensures that the College’s values are incorporated into the Professional Development Training Program within Residential Life.  Last year, Kim generated an idea to infuse content and activities related to our six (6) core values within the training program.  This idea came to fruition and now provides the staff in Residential Life with key ways to model and show commitment for our values.  Finally, it is important to mention the role that Kimberly Harvey played over the past few years with the transformation that occurred within Residential Life.  Kim provided insight and leadership, under the direction of the Dean of Residential Life, to emphasize a residential life organization focused on co-curricular learning in our residence halls. 

Kim’s dedication to our students and the College is evidenced by her tireless work to ensure that no student’s question is left unanswered, that no Resident Assistant Training session is left unplanned, and that no supervisee is left unsupported.  Kim strives for excellence in everything she does, always to the benefit of the College.


Diane Lounsbury, Secretary, Political Science & International Relations
Nominated by Jeffrey Koch, PSci Department Chair, and the entire faculty in the department - Edward Drachman, Marilyn Klotz, Bob Goeckel, Ken Deutsch, Jeremy Grace, and Victoria Farmer

Diane Lounsbury


Biography/Nomination: Diane has been a contributing member at Geneseo since August 2002 in the College Union.  She was promoted to secretary in the Political Science & International Relations department in April 2006, where she instantly became an integral member of the "team."

Diane is highly regarded by all faculty in her department.  She handles her responsibilities with cheer, efficiency, grace and aplomb.  The first indication of her commitment was noted on Day 1 of her assignment.  The department had been without a permanent secretary for months, and within one week, they would hold their annual dinner.  Diane spent endless hours on the event to ensure it would be a success!

During the 2009-2010 academic year, the Department of Political Science & International Relations conducted a program review.  As part of the review, a survey was conducted to solicit opinions from PSci majors.  
The following statements were specifically made regarding Diane:

"Diane Lounsbury is absolutely fantastic in terms of providing students with the information they need in an efficient and timely manner."

"...the secretary is wonderful and on top of things.  Diane Lousbury is unbelievable.  She's a superwoman."

"...the best secretary on campus."

"Much of the credit for this [for the department being well-organized] goes to Diane Lounsbury."

The words from our students say it all and are echoed by the faculty.  Diane is truly dedicated to the mission of the College and demonstrates this on a daily basis.  She is without a doubt highly deserving of the Geneseo Pride Award


Susan Norman, Director of Xerox Center, School of Education
Nominated by:  Helen Thomas, Grants Writer for Sponsored Research

Susan NormanSusan has been working in the School of Education since July 2004 where she has served in an administrative role.  Susan is a prime example of an employee whose passion for her position is reflected in her performance and her demonstration of Geneseo’s shared values.  As Director of the Xerox Center for Multicultural Teacher Education, Susan is the driving force behind the Rochester Young Scholar Academy summer camps for city youth, an innovation that has garnered significant external funding for the college.  This program brings an interdisciplinary team of faculty and student teachers together to provide Rochester youth with a full academic experience at Geneseo.  Susan is also a key player in the creation and administration of the “Real World Geneseo Program” which is an intensive cultural competency retreat for almost 40 students who subsequently disseminate their diversity awareness in formal and informal settings across the campus community.  Susan passionately advocates for and integrates diversity awareness into all elements of her work. 

Susan successfully manages multiple sources of funding, including the Xerox Center’s Scholarship Program; and continually earns recognition from the highest levels of supervision at the Rochester City School District, including Superintendent Brizard.  She represents the College with passion and enthusiasm, having a profound and significant impact on both our local and larger communities.