Search Committee Guidelines

Thank you for your willingness to serve on a Search Committee.  This process is critically important for SUNY Geneseo, our students, faculty, staff, and the community.  Your involvement and dedication to this search is greatly appreciated.  Throughout this page, you will find various resources to assist you as you move through this process. 
For assistance please contact:
Victoria Phipps
Associate Director for Human Resources Operations



Information gathered in the search process must be kept confidential and shared only with individuals involved with the search.  Resumes, vitas, cover letters, letters of reference and all other submitted information are all confidential material to be used only in determining the qualifications of the candidate for the position.  This material should not be used for any other purpose.  Privacy of applicants should be managed responsibly by all search committee members and other individuals who are involved in the search.  Breaches of confidentiality or privacy can jeopardize a search and cause candidates to withdraw or decline employment offers as well as cause other legal issues.

Role and responsibilities of the search committee chair

Role and responsibilities of search committee members

Role and responsibilities of Human Resources

Search committee chair checklist

Professional recruitment & selection flow chart process

Affirmative Action search handbook

Affirmative Action Powerpoint Presentation

Online Employment System (OES) for search committees - login