Emergency Drill Underway

Emergency Disaster Drill undereway on campus. Evacuate South, Welles, Frazier, Doty Halls and Saratoga Townhouses. All non-essential personnel go to designated evacuation areas on north and south campus. All classes, events and activities canceled for the rest of the day.

This communication only applies to this planning exercise.


Service Award Honorees


10 Years Service

Pictured:  Robert Bonfiglio, H. Cristina Geiger, Jasmine Tang, Joseph Dolce, Craig Ross, Mark Sullivan, Dennis Van Camp, Avan Jassawalla, Joann Gardner, Dawn Rusby, Paul Pacheco, Anthony Gu, Kimberly Hoffman, Brenda Keough, Ava Pascalar, Melody Leone, David Granger, James McLean, Donna Crocker, Coleen Hopkins, Sharon Huette, Jeffrey Hopkins, Mary Hope, Alexandra Carlo, Tracy Gagnier

Not pictured:  Douglas Anderson, Lynette Bosch Burroughs, Anthony Ciccarello, Susan Crilly, Linda Farley, Jennifer Glieco, Jeffrey Hopkins, Donald House, Virginia Jurkowski, Vanessa Karasiewicz,   Sue Mallaber, Donald Paige, Edward Pogozelski, Karen Rockhill, Ted Rodwell, Cristina Rowley, Lisa Scott, Martha Sholl, Paul Simmons, Mark Sullivan, Dennis Van Camp, Mary Willett-Massar, Joann Wolfanger

10 Years Service
15 Years Service

Pictured:  Jessica Shaw, Jane Morse, Cindy Taber, Darlene Kelley, Colleen Andress, Susan Errington, Christopher Dahl,  Charles Drum, Thomas House, Timothy Finnigan, Rosemarie Chierici

Not pictured:  Joan Ballard, Linda Kirkwood, Jacqueline McCausland, Mark Mitschow, Catherine Taylor

 15 Years Service
20 Years Service

Pictured: Lillian Agosto, Sheila Mitchell, Mary Martin, Felisa Brea, Donald Reed, Barbara Howard, Phyllis Shepard, Roy Meissner, Patrice Case, Jeffrey Koch, Deborah Abbott, George Gagnier, James Clar

Not pictured:  Cynthia Creamer, Cynthia DiPasquale, Graham Drake, Carolyn Emmert, Benjamin Esham, Roy Franchi, Jonathan Kruger, David Swales

 20 Years


25 Years Service

Pictured:  Laura Lewis, Jeannine Cox, Celia Easton, Laura Canfield, Tammy Hill, Barbara Stewart, Bruce Reichard, Scott Kenney, Walter Freed

Not pictured:  Susan Chichester, Connie Drumm, Homma Farian, David Tamarin

 25 Years
30 Years Service

Pictured:  Dawn Rowe, Donna Hanna, Marilyn Moore, Diane Cuozzo, Tom D'Angelo, Joseph Bulsys, Paul MacLean, Ed Quackenbush, Chi Tang

Not pictured:  Alice Button, Deborah Mott, Gwendolyn Wachholder

 30 Years
35 Years Service

Pictured: William Gohlman, Donna Howe, Mary Ellen Siraguse, Gary Towsley

Not pictured:  Bruce Bennett, Loretta Stratton

 35 Years
40 Years Service

Kathy Trainor, Ronald Herzman

 40 Years