Read carefully and note the changes

  • Team captain must register team name and all eligible members of the team, no later than March 18th
  • All registered team members must be current students at SUNY Geneseo
  • Videos from teams not registered by the registration deadline will not be reviewed for competition
  • Videos must be uploaded to Video dropbox before 5PM on Saturday March 29th
  • All videos submitted must have been created during the 24 hours of the event
  • Any music not created by the participating team must have been obtained
  • A direct link to the audio used from must be provided in the description field of the dropbox
  • Videos MUST be uploaded to the Video dropbox before 5PM on Saturday March 29th.
  • Videos must consist of at least three of the listed elements on the film site's list.
  • The three (or more!) elements incorporated into the video must be listed in the credits
  • The three (or more!) elements incorporated into the video must be listed in the dropbox description
  • Uploaded videos will contain the team name as the name of the submitted file. (Example:
  • Videos must be no longer than 3 minutes including titles and credits-- submissions longer than 3 minutes will not be considered
  • Videos MUST be uploaded to the Video dropbox before 5PM on Saturday March 29th. Plan accordingly!
  • Videos must be submitted in WMV, AVI, Mov, M4V, or MP4 (H.264 compression)
  • Videos *MUST* be less than 2GB in file size
  • Videos requiring additional transcoding will not be considered for competition
  • Videos *MUST* be uploaded to the Video dropbox before 5PM on Saturday March 29th! Plan accordingly!
  • Any prizes awarded will be evenly split between all registered members of a team

The production of this video must be done in adherence with all Federal, State and local laws and in accordance with the student code of conduct.

Pay special attention to the following:

Any unauthorized use of electronic or other device to surreptitiously make an audio, video, photographic, web cast or digital record of any person while on College property without prior knowledge or without effective consent, except as permitted by law, when such a recording is likely to cause injury or distress. This includes but is not limited to surreptitiously taking pictures of another person in a location that violates the standard of reasonable expectation of privacy.

Small Print 

Team Captains must hold all copyright information for music, voice over, images and performances- these copyrights are the Captains' responsibility and may need to be obtained prior to the event. We take no responsibility for any breaches of copyright. Suspected breaches of copyright will be investigated. Proof of breach will result in disqualification from competition.

DML staff will post and share these videos via YouTube and Facebook at their discretion.

Please note, videos will be screened at BOTH the award ceremony as well as a GREAT Day event.

Use Creative Commons:

State University of New York (SUNY) Geneseo College (the “Publisher”) and the Creator(s) agree as follows: 

  1. Copyright of the work remains in the Creator(s)’s name, and the Creator(s) reserves all rights, and grants the following exceptions.
  2. Creator(s) hereby grants and assigns to SUNY Geneseo College the right to reproduce or distribute the Work throughout the world in all means of expression by any method now known or hereafter developed, including electronic format, and to market the Work within SUNY Geneseo and throughout the world.
  3. Creator(s) grants the Publisher the right to use Creator(s)’s name in association with the Work in published form and in advertising and promotional materials.

In addition:

  1. SUNY Geneseo College guarantees that with their use of the Work, the Creator(s) will be given attribution of their Work.
  2. The Creator(s) represents and warrants that the Work:
    • Is the Creator(s)’s original work and that the Creator(s) has full power to enter into this Agreement;
    • Does not infringe the copyright or property right of another
    • Contains no material which is libelous, defamatory or violates another’s civil right, right of privacy, or is otherwise unlawful; and
  3. The Creator(s) shall indemnify and hold Publisher harmless against loss or expenses arising from breach of any such warranties.