Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits to joining a fraternity/sorority?

Membership in a Greek organization will enhance and enrich your time in Geneseo. Greek students are some of the most active students on campus, and membership in a Greek organization will likely introduce you to several other co-curricular activities. Greek life offers its members numerous opportunities for service, leadership, and scholarship advancement. Your brothers/sisters will serve as a home away from home, and you will discover that you will have a direct link to Geneseo for years to come.

How much time does fraternity or sorority membership require? I am currently a member of a Greek organization at Geneseo, and I have questions on college policy and how it relates to my organization. What should I do?


Like most other worthwhile extra-curricular activities, how much you get out of your Greek membership is related to how much you put in. Optional activities such as holding an office, attending social events, playing on an intramural sports team, or helping out with various projects will of course take additional time. Some organizations require more time than others. Whether it is planning a social event, a community service project, or regular weekly meetings, Greeks at Geneseo have learned to manage their time wisely with other commitments like homework, relationships, and jobs.


Stop by Union Room 344, and talk to Wendi Kinney, Assistant Dean of Students for Fraternal Life. She is more than happy to discuss with you how to ensure your organization is abiding by College policy, as well as any other concerns you may have.

When/Where does IGC meet?


IGC meets every Thursday in the Hunt Room in the MacVittie College Union at 6:30 pm.

Who would I contact if I want to promote my event to IGC or ask IGC to be an event co-sponsor?

For questions relating to events please email the IGC account at What is IGC's policy on organization expansion (starting up a new organization)?

For questions on starting up a new organization, or reviving an old organization please see Wendi Kinney, College Union Room 344.

When is Greek Week?

Greek Week occurs every spring semester, and is typically held in accordance with Geneseo's Relay for Life. The goal of Greek Week is to unite the Greek Community under a common bond of fraternal friendship. There are various activities and events to foster this friendship and strengthen the bonds of the Greek community.

When/What is Greekfest?

Greekfest is a celebration of the Geneseo Greek community. Planned in conjunction with the time when Greek alumni return to campus, this event brings together alumni and students to celebrate the Greek tradition. Each year during Greekfest the Greek Hall of Fame's newest members are inducted, anniversaries of organizations are celebrated, and scholarship recipients are announced. For more info on Greekfest please visit Alumni Relations.

Where can I find a list of currently recognized fraternities and sororities?

Check out the Chapters link.