Inter Greek Council (IGC)

The Inter Greek Council is the umbrella organization that oversees the functioning and regulation of all recognized Greek organizations at SUNY Geneseo. 

Executive Board

The Executive Board is comprised of representatives of the affiliated Greek organizations. Elections are held each year to fill these positions. Any member of a Greek organization may run for an IGC executive board position. The executive board members are resposible for running the weekly meetings, planning Greek events, and assuring all Greek organizations adhere to the policies and procedures outlined in the Inter-Greek Council Constitution .


IGC logo


IGC Pres: Murphy Smyth

IFC Pres: Brandon Gimpelman
ISC Pres: Amanda Gnirrep
MGC Pres: Kristian Lau
Panhellenic Pres: Gabby Costas
Secretary: Samantha Mussorfiti
Treasurer: John Saugy
Recruitment Coordinator: Gabby Smith
Campus Involvement: Gretchen Goble


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