Interested in greek life at geneseo?

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Sign up for recruitment on KnightWeb:

1. Click "Student Menu"
2. Click "Greek Affairs Grade Check Waiver Form"
3. Check both boxes and you're signed up!

For questions and more information email:

Alexa Baviello ( for Local Sorority related questions,
Rachel Craig ( for National Sorority related questions,
Eric Martin ( for Fraternity related questions,  
Kristian Lau ( for Multicultural Greek Organization related questions

If you are a first semester transfer student and are interested in participating in recruitment, email Wendi Kinney ( 

To be considered eligible for a bid (offer of membership) all students must complete the Fraternity/Sorority Membership Eligibility Form found in your Knightweb account. The deadline to complete this form is 4pm on Wednesday, February 10th. No extensions will be granted and no offers of membership can be extended to any student who has not completed this form, or received approval from the Fraternal Life Office, in the case of new transfer students.