Current positions available in Institutional Research:

Staff Positions:


There are no current staff positions available.

Student Positions:

The Office of Institutional Research generally has two students working via the work/study program during the school year and funding for a student to work Temporary Service during the summer. 

Typical student duties include:

  • Assist with preparation of files in Excel, including data entry, organization, creating charts & graphs

  • Create SPSS data files using SPSS syntax; clean data and conduct rudimentary data analysis
  • Assist with office file re-organization as needed, cleaning out files and information no longer needed
  • General office duties e.g. answering phone, greeting and assisting visitors to office, opening and organizing mail, shredding, delivery to campus locations as needed
  • Assist with mailing of surveys, conducting mail merges, printing surveys, stuffing envelopes