Banner - Java Test Page

If Java is working in your browser, you will see a blue rectangle above with one line of text that lists the version of Java running in your web browser. It may take a few seconds for the rectangle and version to appear.

Banner requires Java 1.5.0+ or 1.6.0+ to function properly.

If you see some version of Java 1.5 or 1.6 or higher listed in the blue rectangle then you should be ready to run Banner.

Otherwise you will need to update your computer. Refer to the appropriate instructions listed below depending on your computer type. Contact the CIT Helpdesk at x5588 if you would like assistance.

Windows PC Users
  1. Visit and login with your Geneseo user name and password. Do NOT include in your user name when logging in.
  2. Click the "Java for Banner" link to download the Java Runtime.
  3. Your browser should prompt you with a "Save As" prompt. Save the file to your Desktop. NOTE: Some browsers handle downloads slightly differently.
  4. Launch the Java Runtime install by double clicking the icon on your desktop.
  5. Follow all the default prompts to install the software.
  6. Delete the Java install icon from your Desktop after you have successfully installed the software.

Mac Users

Contact CIT to get assistance.