LawrenNAME: Chiamaka (Lawren) Okorie 


MAJOR: Biology, with a Chemistry Minor

"The Geneseo experience is amazing! I've met so many amazing people and love the faculty here. Everyone was so welcoming from the very first day."

Lawren has discovered so many people ready to help her excel in her studies. She loves the great advice and friendship of her academic advisor, and found that her closest research professor appreciates and acknowledges her hard work. Even though the science departments serve many students, the faculty offer her personal support and are there to help. Styles of teaching may differ, according to Lawren.  Some are laid back, while others are hardcore. But she found that once you make an effort and get to know them, it’s easy to make good connections with all your professors.  She finds that engaging with the faculty is the most important thing you can do to succeed in your studies. Among the great people Lawren has met is the Resident Advisor in her dormitory.  Her “R.A.” knows how to create a sense of community, whether it’s leaving candy on her door or putting up inspiring notes. As a result all on her floor have become very close friends.


“Come in with a positive attitude. Even if you are uncertain of what you want to study, or find you have a difficult semester, you can achieve great goals with a positive mindset.  And if you’re a bio major like me, grab every chance you get to do research work with your professors." 

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