Housing for International Students 

The Geneseo Campus is divided into 3 villages: North, Central and South with all three featuring different style residence halls.

International students living on-campus at Geneseo typically live in one of the three residence halls that remain open to them over all university breaks and holidays. These international halls are Wayne Hall, Steuben Hall, and Wyoming Hall, which are each located in a different village of campus. Please click on the links to learn more about each individual residence hall!

Geneseo currently has over 3,000 students living in on-campus housing, which makes for a vibrant and diverse community. The Department of Residence Life at Geneseo has a large, dedicated staff comprised of both students and full-time university professionals. These staff members work very hard to make sure all on-campus students feel safe and supported in their living spaces. They also put on many free programs and services for students in order to build community, help students meet each other, and ensure students have fun inside and outside their residence halls! Learn more about the Department of Residence Life here.