International Admissions

How to Apply:

The application process can often seem confusing or complicated. At SUNY Geneseo, we pride ourselves on making the procedure as simple as possible for our international students.


Academic Programs:

At SUNY Geneseo we offer a wide variety of academic major and minor programs. You can look at specific programs in an area of interest, or if you are still undecided you can explore what we have to offer.


University tuition can be expensive, but we do our best to accommodate to the financial needs of our international students. Most students receive some scholarship assistance and are automatically eligible for additional scholarships as soon as all their application materials have been turned in to our office.


The annual cost for an international student is broken down into tuition and fees, room and dining and health insurance. This price also includes the International Student Scholarship Award that most students receive upon admission.


Application Forms

All of the forms needed to jumpstart the application process can be found here. This page includes our Geneseo International Applications form, the Sponsorship form and form that includes a list of all our scholarships.