NAME: Marina

HOME COUNTRY: Bangladesh & Japan

MAJOR: Psychology

"I've had incredible opportunities working on campus- in the ISSS office and working for CAS, the food service company here on campus. Both experiences are so different but along with joining student clubs, my life here is amazing."

Marina describes her classes in Psychology as "just great". But she quickly names other professors from other departments who have become both good friends and advisors, even though they do not serve as official or assigned roles. The first word that comes to mind when Marina spoke about faculty is "helpful". She especially recommends taking advantage of professors' office hours, in any class you take. She has found everyone eager to know her and help her succeed in her studies. Marina talks about how wonderful it is to be surrounded by so many interesting people her own age while living in the dorms. 

"Find what you love and persue it. There are so many great opportunities at Geneseo, just waiting for you!" 


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