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Unless noted, ALL degrees granted by SUNY Geneseo are 4-year "undergraduate" Bachelor Degrees in the Arts and Sciences.


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SUNY Geneseo’s accreditation by the Middle States Association indicates national recognition of its high quality programs. This accreditation demonstrates Geneseo's excellence ofinstruction and resources to graduate schools, and to the corporations which hire Geneseo interns and graduates.

Students may complete either one major, or with careful planning may specialize in two majors (two different subjects). Every Geneseo student receives expert advice and assistance in planning their courses from academic advisors and counselors. 


Courses are offered year-round. Fall semester is held from August to December. In January students enjoy a long vacation as well.

Spring semester is held from the end of January through mid-May. Classes are also offered through the summer, so students may choose to study on campus, accept an internship with a company or take a 3-month holiday!



One outstanding factor about SUNY Geneseo is the personal attention professors give to students. Classes are small (averaging 29 students), which allows professors to know their students individually. All classes are taught by professors, not by student teaching assistants, as is often the situation at many large universities.

Many exceptional students receive funding to assist professors in research projects – an experience only graduate level students have at larger universities.

A variety of tutoring services are offered on campus for students who need additional help in understanding course material.




Modern laboratories, broadcast studios and editing suites, plus state-of-the-art computer workstations support class instruction and academic research.

Students benefit from the very latest conveniences of the internet. The Web publisher Yahoo ranks SUNY Geneseo as one of the top "wired" campuses in the  U.S.  All residence rooms on campus include free access to the Internet.

Students with laptop computers, tablets or smartphones may access the internet from almost anywhere on campus. Bring your own hardware or purchase Apple and Dell computers through the university at a substantial discount. All incoming students are required to have a laptop notebook.  



Geneseo's standard of excellence has allowed for the university to partner with established graudate schools in the areas of engineering, physical therapy, dentistry and more. A cooperative program emphasizes students to explore a broader range of courses and ideas than just the area they are interested in pursuing,  and combines a strong liberal education with specialized training that will prepare them for entrance into professional training. Usually, a coop program will allow a student to finish at an accelerated rate, compared to if they were to complete a four year program at Geneseo, then head on to graduate school.

Examples of programs include:

Feel free to click on each of the offered programs to see a sample program outline/ advising guide for the period of study at Geneseo. 

* NOTE: These schools are just examples of the partners that Geneseo has for the indicated program. For more information on what Professional and Graduate schools are associated with us click here, and go to your selected coop program at the bottom of the page.