ShikhaNAME: Shikha


MAJOR: Biochemistry 

“It’s all about people. Geneseo is such a nice place to study and it’s because of all the wonderful people"

Even with her focus on science as a biochemistry major, Shikha is impressed with the variety of classes she takes. She has discovered broad interests she never imagined before she left her home in India.  She recommends getting to know your professors, because that’s the way to improve your focus and expand your research opportunities. Shikha describes her professors as “engaging” – welcoming during their open office hours and eager to provide helpful advice even when they’re not advising.Shikha highly recommends the experience of living in an on-campus residence hall.  She describes her dormitory Residence Advisor as great support, a close friend and inspirational. 

“There are so many things to do at Geneseo, so many new friends here. Come with an open mind. Keep your room door open and you’ll be amazed at the people you meet.  Join clubs!  Geneseo quickly becomes your home.” 

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