Service Desk Loan Policies

Loan periods, item limits, & renewals

General Collection & Special Collections

CollectionLoan PeriodItem LimitsRenewalsOverdue Fines

Lost Item Charge

General Collection

Students: 99 days

Faculty: 1 year

Community: 28 days

Alumni: 28 days

Students/Faculty: None

Alumni: 99 items

Community: 30 items

1No daily fines$70
Course Reserves

1 day or 4 hours

1 at a time

None$5/hr, $100 max.Cost of replacement
Genesee Valley Collection

28 days

28 days

1No daily finesCost of replacement
IDS LoansVariesNoneVariesNo daily fines$70
Media Collection28 days28 days1No daily fines$70
TERC Collection28 days28 days1No daily fines$70
Textbooks on Reserve4 hours1 at a timeNone$5/hr, $100 max.Cost of replacement

Please note: no 4-hour loan materials may be borrowed overnight.

For more information about collections and collection-building policies, read the Milne Library Collection Development & Management Policy.

Equipment and Technology

Loan Period
Lost item
replacement charge
Calculator4 hoursNo renewal1 item$5.00/hr, $100 max.$100
Card Reader4 hoursNo renewal2 items$5.00/hr, $100 max.$10
Digital Camera3 dayNo renewalNone$5.00/hr, $100 max.$250
Digital Voice Recorder3 dayNo renewalNone$5.00/hr, $100 max.$150
Digital Hard Disk Video Camera3 daysNo renewalNone$5.00/hr, $100 max.$600
External Hard Drive3 daysNo renewalNone$5.00/hr, $100 max.$150
Flip Camera with Tripod3 daysNo renewalNone$5.00/hr, $100 max.$114
HDMI to VGA Projector Adaaptor4 hoursNo renewal1 item$5.00/hr, $100 max.$100
Kindle Fire HD4 hoursNo renewal1 item$5.00/hr, $100 max.$150
Laptops (7-day loaner)*7 days Varies1 item$5.00/hr, $100 max.$700
Mac Display to VGA Projector Adapter4 hoursNo renewal1 item$5.00/hr, $100 max. $100
Netbooks4 hoursNo renewal1 item$5.00/hr, $100 max.$300
Portable Projector3 daysNo renewalNone$5.00/hr, $100 max.$1,000
PowerPoint Clicker4 hoursNo renewal1 Item$5.00/hr, $100 max.$100
Scanner1 dayNo renewal1 item$5.00/hr, $100 max.$100
Snowball Microphone3 daysNo renewalNone$5.00/hr, $100 max.$100
Tripod (for cameras)3 daysNo renewalNone$5.00/hr, $30 max.$30
Wireless Headset4 hourNo renewal2 items$5.00/hr, $100 max$100
Webcam - Microsoft LiveCam3 daysNo renewalNone$5.00/hr, $100 max$100

* The use of the 7-day loaner laptops requires proof that your personal computer is being serviced. For more information, please visit or contact Milne's Tech Help desk at (585) 245-5608.

Any requests by faculty/departments that fall outside the current loan limits or loan periods can be submitted to Service Desk management via email to or by calling the Service Desk at (585) 245-5594 and asking for a Service Desk Manager.


Faculty, Students and Staff

One-time renewal limit. Renew books on or before the due date online or by bringing them to the Service Desk, or phoning 245-5594.

Community & Alumni Borrowers

One-time renewal limit. Renew books on or before the due date online by submitting an online renewal form, by bringing them to the Service Desk, or phoning 245-5594. Some materials are non-renewable. (This form is for books only. Please visit the Service Desk if your community borrower card has expired.)


Overdue notices are sent as a courtesy to users by Milne Library. Failure to receive notices does not exempt the user from paying replacement or processing fees. When materials are borrowed, a date due is provided. If a borrower fails to return library materials,  collection costs are passed on to the user.  Students may have a hold placed on their student account and community/alumni may be turned over to a collection agency.  Once overdue fees are accrued on a user's account, their library account may be blocked until fees are paid in full. All library users are billed for damaged or lost materials.


$70 Lost item replacement charge for General Collection items (If lost items are returned, patrons are responsible for a $10 processing fee per item) and the cost of replacement for Special Collections items.  If you wish to dispute a charge to your account, fill out a Fine Appeal Form.

ID Cards

Faculty, Students and Staff

Cards are issued through the CAS Business Office.  Cards are NON-TRANSFERABLE.

Community & Alumni Borrowers

Cards are issued at the Service Desk to community and alumni who are at least 18 years old and have a valid New York State driver's license. There is a 30 item maximum total check-out of library materials on alumni and guest borrower accounts.  Cards are NON-TRANSFERABLE.

Please note that community & alumni borrowers cannot place Information Delivery Services (IDS) requests. Instead, such borrowers should consult their local public library regarding interlibrary loan services.

RRLC Access Cards

The RRLC Access Card program allows Geneseo faculty, staff, and students to borrow materials directly from participating libraries in the Rochester region. To apply for a card, please download and complete the application form and submit it to Tim Bowersox, Access Services Librarian, in person, via email, or via campus mail. A card will then be provided to you and will be valid for the current year of July 1-June 30.


Faculty, Students and Staff

Printing and photocopies are charged to your institutional printing balance.  See SUNY Geneseo printing policies for more information.

Community & Alumni Borrowers

All printing is sent to printers at the Service Desk. Photocopies are also available at the Service Desk.  Black and white copies are 10 cents per page (or 15 cents for double sided) and color copies are 30 cents per page (or 45 cents for double sided). Patrons preferring not to print may download material to a CD or jump drive available for sale at the Service Desk.