2015-2016 SHOWS:

Molly Ringwald

September 19 | 7pm | Wadsworth Auditorium
Molly Ringwald's new jazz album, Except Sometimes, has been a lifetime in the making. Long before she became known as a Golden Globe-nominated actress and your favorite character in John Hughes' films, Ringwald was singing. Her grasp of jazz comes from a lifelong study and the singers who inspired her.

Tartan Terrors

October 24 | 7pm | Wadsworth Auditorium
The Tartan Terrors are their own Celtic invasion, mixing rock's energy with traditional folklore, dance, and humor. Featuring classic pipes and fiddle, driving drum tones, and signature guitar styles, the Terrors use their Sonic blitz to score award-winning step and highland dancers and internationally recognized comedic performers.


November 7 | 7pm | Wadsworth Auditorium
Ronen Koresh is a choreographer, teacher and collaborator whose unique blend of ballet, modern dance, and jazz leaves audiences dazzled by the raw passion that is infused into his movement. He formed Koresh Dance Company in 1991 and quickly established an international reputation for highly technical and emotionally charged work.

The Hunts

February 13 | 7pm | Wadsworth Auditorium
The Hunts are an indie-folk band from the southlands of Chesapeake, Virginia. These seven brothers and sisters have a passion for creating compelling music. Stringed instruments surrounded by enchanting harmonies and thrilling rhythms harken to an organic yet transcending sound.

Duo Amal

March 26 | 7pm | Wadsworth Auditorium
Duo Amal is an empathetic piano performance marked by friendship and collaboration. The two virtuoso pianists, one Palestinian and the other Israeli, transcend societal and cultural boundaries to harmoniously synthesize their talents into one beautiful creation to be enjoyed by all.

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