Winter Faculty Recognition Concludes on Saturday!

Winter Faculty Recognition Program

The Geneseo Blue Knights faculty recognition initiative started during the fall semester completes the winter phase of the program on Saturday, January 28 as the women's and men's swimming and diving and men's ice hockey teams honor 16 different faculty members. Throughout the 2011-12 academic year, each student-athlete in the senior class will select one professor who has influenced their growth and development at SUNY Geneseo. The faculty member will be invited to attend a home contest, take part in a pre-game introduction ceremony and be highlighted in a special game program insert.

The 10 swimming and diving seniors have selected to recognize Professor Elizabeth Falk, School of Education, Professor Chris Pruszynski, Communication, Dr. Julia Walker, English, Dr. Chris Annala, School of Business, Dr. Mark Mitschow, School of Business, Dr. Jennifer Rogalsky, Geography, Dr. Olympia Nicodemi, Mathematics, Dr. Patrick Rault, Mathematics, Dr. Paul Scipione, School of Business, Dr. Anne Eisenberge, Sociology.


The seven men's ice hockey seniors have chosen to recognize Dr. Irina Vasiliev, Geography, Dr. Dan Strang, School of Business, Dr. David Granger, School of Education, Dr. Kodjo Adabra, French, Dr. David Robertson, Geography, Professor Tim Nolan, School of Business and Pruszynski.