SUNYAC Announces Winter Commissioner's Cup Standings

SUNYAC Commissioner's Cup

The SUNY Geneseo Blue Knights maintained their lead in the SUNYAC Commissioner's Cup standings following the winter sports season. Geneseo has accumulated 114.25 points over the 14 completed sports for an average of 8.16 points per sport, down from their 8.18 points per sport average following the seven fall sports. Cortland stands second with 111.75 points for 7.98 points per sport, down from their fall score of 8.14 points per sport. The Red Dragons have won 14 of the 15 Commissioner Cup competitions, with Geneseo claiming the title in 2002-03.

The SUNYAC Commissioner's Cup point system is determined by the 20 different conference sports in the fall, winter and spring. A 10-point system is used in each sport. The first-place team gets 10 points, the second-place team gets 9 points and so on. A team's regular-season finish will be added to their post-season finish and divided by two for their final total for that sport. The total number of points that a school accumulates is divided by the number of conference sports it has. This school total determines the overall winner at the end of the school year.

In the fall of 2011, Geneseo earned the maximum of 10 points for SUNYAC championships in women's and men's cross country. Geneseo claimed 9.75 points for the SUNYAC champion women's tennis team, 7.75 points for men's soccer, 7.25 points for field hockey, seven points for women's soccer and 5.5 points for volleyball.

In the winter of 2011-12, Geneseo earned the maximum of 10 points for three SUNYAC championships in men's indoor track and field, men's and women's swimming and diving. The Blue Knights received eight points for women's indoor track and field, 7.25 points for men's basketball, six points for men's ice hockey and 5.75 points for women's basketball.