Geneseo Set to Celebrate Student-Athlete Day/Division III Week


The SUNY Geneseo Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation is pleased to announce its participation in the inaugural NCAA Division III week during April 9-15, celebrating academic achievement, athletic accomplishments, and leadership and community service amongst Blue Knights' student athletes.

The celebration begins on Friday, April 6 with National Student-Athlete Day.

According to Jack Copeland of, "The purpose of the celebration, announced during the recent NCAA Convention by Division III Presidents Council chair James Bultman of Hope College, is “to call due attention to the activities and accomplishments of student-athletes” by scheduling public events during the week on every Division III campus."

To recognize the accomplishments of the student-athletes, along with contributions from other supporters such as faculty, staff and fans, the Blue Knights are creating a certificate display in the MacVittie College Union, which will remain for the week.