Today's Contest Summary (Sun. 9/9)

Women's Tennis

The Geneseo women's tennis team participated in the Mary Hosking Invitational on Saturday and Sunday at William Smith College in Geneva, N.Y. The tournament was flighted according to player level with the Blue Knights placing three players in the A flight singles, three in the B flight singles, two in the C flight singles and three in the D flight singles. Geneseo sponsored three A flight doubles tandems and two B flight teams.

In the A singles, first year Mare Santos defeated Leighton of William Smith in the first round, 9-8, and lost to Vandenbeemt of St. Lawrence in the quarterfinals, 8-3. Sophomore Dexuan Yuan defeated Wolf (William Smith) in the first round, 8-6, and fell to Nunez of Ithaca in the quarterfinals, 8-0. Senior Katie Talbot lost a first round match to Arroyo (St. Lawrence), 8-4.

In the B singles, sophomore Amanda Rosati defeated Suresky (Rochester), 8-6 and lost to Siegel (Ithaca) in the quarterfinals, 8-5. Senior Sarah Shields lost an opening round match to Nicoletti (William Smith), 8-5, and won a consolation match over Young (St. Lawrence), 8-4. Sophomore Zakiyyah Abdus-Salaam defeated Yinger (Nazareth) in the first round, 8-0, and lost to Murphy (St. Lawrence), 8-6.

In the C singles, first year Jessica Ringler, who received a first round bye, defeated Miller (St. Lawrence) in the quarterfinals, 8-3, and lost to Fedorowicz (William Smith) in the semifinals, 8-1. Sophomore Minxuan Yuan defeated Arsenault (William Smith) in the first round, 8-5, and lost to Zhao (Rochester) in the quarterfinals, 8-6.

In the D singles, first year Rachel Drake defeated Deperrior (Rochester) in the first round, 8-1, defeated Crane (Nazareth) in the quarterfinals, 8-3, and lost to Drinkwater (William Smith) in the semifinals, 8-0. Sophomore Beryl Guterman lost in the first round to Kennedy (William Smith), 8-2, and defeated Hunn (Nazareth), 8-0 in a consolation match. First year Harpreet Aujla lost in the first round to Bowden (Rochester), 8-1, and won a consolation match over Hedrich (Ithaca), 8-5.

In the A doubles, Yuan and Yuan defeated Cary and Yinger (Nazareth), 8-2 in the first round and lost in the quarterfinals to Tseng and Genbauffe (Rochester), 8-4. Santos and Talbot lost in the first round to Greene and Ocasio (William Smith), 8-1, and won a consolation match over Goodman and Suresky (Rochester), 8-4. Rosati and Shields dropped a first round match to Blumenthal and Salladay (Ithaca), 8-6, and won a consolation match over Siegel and Vizgaitis (Ithaca), 9-8.

In the B doubles, Drake and Ringler lost to Hartmann and Hedrich (William Smith), 8-3, and defeated Weaver and Deperrior (Rochester), 9-8. After a first round bye, Guterman and Aujla lost to Drinkwater and Kennedy (William Smith) in the quarterfinals, 8-0.

The Blue Knights host Brockport on Tuesday at 3:30 p.m.