The New

New pictures, new colors, new videos, new navigation -- it's all part of SUNY Geneseo's new Web site.

Our goals in redesigning are to better serve our visitors and accurately reflect Geneseo's vitality and academic distinction.

We've just completed our Phase I launch, which means that you'll be able to see and use a number of fresh pages and applications. The design is the result a of year-long planning process that included discussions with a number of SUNY Geneseo community focus groups and town hall meetings.

Now in Phase II, we're converting pages from the old design into the new. During Phase II, you may encounter some of the old page templates as you navigate the new site. We appreciate your patience during this phase as we work to make the transition as smooth as possible. You can monitor our progress on this page; we'll update it continually as we work to fully implement our redesign.


We want to hear from you -- tell us what works well and what could use improvement. Please leave your comments using the form below or email We look forward to receiving your feedback so that we can continually improve !


Democracy Matters converted 4/5/10
Geneseo Online Textbook Catalog converted 4/5/10
College Union & Activities converted 4/5/10
History Book  converted 4/5/10
Institutional Research converted 4/5/10
Geneseo at a Glance  converted 4/5/10
Grants Management Office  converted 4/5/10
College Accounting  converted 3/26/10
Budget Office & Financial Analysis  converted 3/26/10
Career Services  converted 3/26/10
Facilities Planning  converted 3/26/10
Financial Aid  converted 3/26/10
Internal Control  converted 3/26/10
Mail Services  converted 3/26/10
Human Resources converted 3/26/10
Facilities Services converted 3/26/10
Duplicating Center  converted 3/26/10
Property Control Services  converted 3/26/10
Purchasing converted 3/26/10
Central Stores  converted 3/26/10
Student Accounts Office  converted 3/26/10
Travel Dept converted 3/26/10
Geneseo Workout Center converted 3/26/10
Advisement  converted 3/26/10
Undergraduate Bulletin  converted 3/26/10
Diversity at Geneseo  converted 3/26/10
Dual Degree Programs  converted 3/26/10
Hall Council  converted 3/26/10
Intramural Sports converted 3/26/10
Parking Services  converted 3/26/10
Campus Personal Safety Committee converted 3/26/10
Physics & Astronomy  converted 3/26/10
Physics Festival converted 3/26/10
University Police  converted 3/26/10
Student Employment Services converted 3/26/10
Sports Medicine  converted 3/26/10
Transportation Services converted 3/26/10
ENCompass Weekly converted 3/12/10
Senior Gift
converted 3/12/10
Undergraduate Alumni Association converted 3/12/10
  converted 3/12/10
American Studies  converted 3/12/10
Native American Studies
converted 3/12/10
converted 3/12/10
  converted 3/12/10
Philosophy converted 3/12/10
Ultimate Frisbee
  converted 3/12/10
Triathalon Club converted 3/12/10
Rugby converted 3/12/10
Psychology Club
converted 3/12/10
Psi Chi
converted 3/12/10
Womens Rugby
converted 3/12/10
International Student Services
converted 3/12/10
Teacher Education Resource Center
converted 3/12/10
Asian Studies converted 3/12/10
Sponsored Research converted 3/5/10
Great Day converted 3/5/10
converted 3/5/10
converted 3/5/10
Communicative Disorders and Sciences  converted 3/5/10
L.I.V.E.S Program
  converted 3/5/10
Peace Poetry
converted 3/5/10
  converted 3/5/10
Political Science converted 3/5/10
Ella Cline School of Education
  converted 3/5/10
Womens Leadership Institute
converted 3/5/10
Interfaith Center
converted 3/5/10
Xerox Center for Multicultural Teacher Education
Study Abroad converted 2/26/10
Multicultural Programs and Services converted 2/26/10
Student Handbook converted 2/26/10
Dean of Students converted 2/26/10
First Year Programs converted 2/26/10
Orientation converted 2/26/10
Center for Community converted 2/26/10
Volunteer Center converted 2/26/10
Student Conduct converted 2/26/10
Off Campus Living converted 2/26/10
Office of Greek Affairs converted 2/26/10
Inter Greek Council converted 2/26/10
Edgar Fellows Program converted 2/26/10
Undergraduate Bulletin converted 2/26/10
Office of International Programs converted 2/19/10
School of Business converted 2/19/10
Center for Women & Business converted 2/19/10
Center for International Business converted 2/19/10
Anthropology  converted 2/19/10
Access Opportunity Programs converted 2/19/10
Environmental Health & Safety converted 2/19/10
Teaching & Learning Center converted 2/19/10
College Senate converted 2/19/10
Small Business Development Center converted 2/19/10
PreMed converted 2/19/10
Biology converted 2/19/10
Biophysics converted 2/19/10
Accounting Society converted 2/19/10
English for Speakers of Other Languages converted 2/19/10
Latin American Studies converted 2/19/10
Campus Scheduling & Special Events converted 2/19/10
First Year Institute converted 2/19/10
Geneseo's Residential College Seminar converted 2/19/10
Safe Zone converted 2/11/10
Health and Counseling converted 2/11/10
Residence Life converted 2/11/10
Galleries converted 2/11/10
Chemistry Department converted 2/11/10
Administrative Systems Office converted 2/11/10
School of the Arts converted 2/11/10
Criminal Justice converted 2/11/10
Sociology Department converted 2/11/10
Women's Studies converted 2/11/10
Student Health Advisory Committee converted 2/11/10
Department of Foreign Languages and Literature converted 2/11/10
Wadsworth Auditorium converted 2/11/10
Environmental Sustainability converted 2/11/10
Information Security Program converted 2/11/10
NY Alert converted 2/11/10
Working to resolve left navigation bar issue -- 2/10/10
A Thousand Words photo gallery launched -- 2/8/10
Left navigation bars now displaying on site -- 1/22/10
Working to resolve left navigation bar issue -- 1/22/10
Division of Student and Campus Life converted 12/18/09
Office of the President converted 12/18/09
Office of the Provost converted 12/18/09
Office of the Dean of the College converted  12/18/09
Division of Administration and Finance converted 12/18/09
CIT site converted 12/11/09
Webmail added to footer 12/1/09
KnightWeb added to Faculty/Staff page left navigation bar 12/1/09