TAG Day highlights the impact of donor gifts

On Friday, April 26, student volunteers will spread out across campus to hang tags on laboratory doors, trees on the College Green, in classrooms, and even on their own backpacks. Students who receive scholarship and research grants as well as student-athletes will wear tags that say "Thank You Geneseo Donors."

They hang tags that read "A Geneseo Donor Did This For You" all over campus., including entryways to all academic departments, Milne Library, laboratories and more.

Each year, the Make Your Mark! Committee celebrates TAG Day to recognize the impact that donors have on Geneseo students and faculty. (Watch the video). It is meant to teach students how they benefit from funds donated to the college and to engender a culture of philanthropy on campus while thanking those who already support the college.

Last year, private donations to The Fund for Geneseo helped to fund more than 350 research grants for students and faculty. More than $700,000 in scholarships and prizes were supported by The Fund, benefiting more than 500 students.

Students will hang approximately 550 tags. Tags were also distributed to some 130 professors whose research and teaching are supported by The Geneseo Foundation. TAG Day is held on the same day as the President's Donor Recognition Dinner, says Brenna Mangano, Assistant Director of The Fund for Geneseo, "so that donors who typically don't come to visit campus often get the chance to see the impact their donations have on Geneseo. It is also a great way to educate current students of the importance of private donations at Geneseo and how engaged alumni have an impact on their time at the college. "

For more information about TAG Day, or to request a tag, email Brenna Mangano or call (585) 245-5503.