Geneseo Student Association Demands Cessation to SUNY Budget Cuts

GENESEO, N.Y. - The executive committee of the SUNY Geneseo Undergraduate Student Association (UGA) has unanimously passed a resolution calling for an end to the massive budget cuts the state has made to SUNY. The committee has sent the resolution to Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo and the leadership of the state Assembly and Senate.

The resolution is in response to recent academic program deactivations Geneseo implemented to close a $7.2 million structural deficit. The UGA resolution calls for five actions:

1) An immediate cessation on future cuts to SUNY
2) Restoration of the hundreds of millions of dollars cut from SUNY over the past few years
3) Imposition of a rational tuition policy and an end to the raising of SUNY tuition as a tradeoff for lowering state support
4) The passage of legislation including a "maintenance of effort" provision to ensure consistent state funding for SUNY
5) Suspension of Bundy Aid with those funds being diverted to SUNY instead of private universities

"It is the duty of our state politicians to stop undue harm from happening to the state of New York," the resolution reads. "That is exactly what will happen it these provisions are not met and our schools continue to slide towards insolvency. Effective action has not been taken by the current legislature and governor, which is unacceptable."

The UGA executive committee passed the resolution by an 8-0-0 vote.

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