Students Present Research at COPLAC Conference

GENESEO, N.Y. - Eight SUNY Geneseo students presented their research projects Oct. 29-30 at the Council of Liberal Arts Colleges (COPLAC) Northeast Undergraduate Research Conference in New Hampshire.

Keene State College in Keene, N.H., hosted the conference, where 150 students from six colleges featured their research in the humanities, arts, social sciences and natural sciences. The students discussed their work with other presenters and faculty in their discipline from other COPLAC colleges. It was the largest-ever gathering of undergraduate researchers at a COPLAC sponsored conference.

"Undergraduate research is a hallmark at Geneseo that carries innumerable benefits for our students," said Geneseo Provost Carol Long. "I commend COPLAC for providing these opportunities for students to present their research and engage in dialogue with fellow scholars for further understanding of their discipline."

Geneseo students presenting at the conference include:

Daniel Bailey, a senior history major from Pittsford, N.Y. Project title: "Compromising on Compromises: The Failure of the Rochester City School District to Desegregate." Faculty mentor: Emilye Crosby, professor of history.

Paul Fallot, a senior history major from Riverhead, N.Y. Project title: "The Secret History of the Mongols and the Mongolian Historical Perspective." Faculty mentor: Margaret Stolee, assistant professor of history.

Marissa Fariello, a senior English literature and French major from Johnstown, N.Y. Project title: "Surrealism's Empowerment of Women: Sexuality and Madness in Andre Breton's Nadia." Faculty mentor: Beverly J. Evans, associate professor of languages and literatures.

Kaitlyn Gayvert, a senior mathematics major from Rochester, N.Y. Project title: "Computational Efficiencies of Stochastic Algorithms." Faculty mentors: H.T. Banks, Shuhua Hu and Alana Thompson from North Carolina State University and Michelle Joyner from East Tennessee State University.

Paul Muniz, a junior sociology major from Piscataway, N.J.  Project title: "Should We House the Homeless?" Faculty mentors: Paul McLaughlin, lecturer in sociology and Anne Eisenberg, associate professor of sociology.

Gabrielle Thomas, a senior communication major from Geneseo, N.Y. Project title: "High-Fructose Corn Syrup: America's Dangerously Sweet Obsession." Faculty mentor: Atsushi Tajima, assistant professor of communication.

Michaela Walsh, a psychology and sociology major from Syracuse, N.Y.  Project title: "Testing the Capacity of Short-Term memory for Multiple Stimulus Attributes of a Series of Visually Displayed Items." Faculty mentors:  Ken Kallio, associate professor of psychology.

Shana Wierchowski, a senior anthropology major with a pre-med concentration from Grand Island, N.Y. Project title: "Vocalization Patterns in Mantled Howler Monkeys." Faculty mentor: Barbara Welker, assistant professor of anthropology.

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