College and Village Sign Compact Reinforcing Quality of Life

Village of Geneseo Mayor Richard B. Hatheway (left) and SUNY Geneseo President Christopher C. Dahl signed a village/college compact Dec. 5.

GENESEO, N.Y. - SUNY Geneseo and the Village of Geneseo have jointly signed a village/college compact renewing a commitment to a high quality of life for all who live, work and study in the village.

College President Christopher C. Dahl and village Mayor Richard B. Hatheway signed the compact Dec. 5, the result of recommendations from a task force convened last January to examine areas of mutual concern with the intention of strengthening existing strong town-gown relations.

Co-chairing the Task Force on Town Gown Relations were retired Livingston County Court Judge Jerry Alonzo and Chief Sal Simonetti from University Police. Also represented on the task force were representatives from village government, the village Police Department, the SUNY Geneseo student body and administration, the Livingston County District Attorney's Office and local landlords.

"The college's relationship with the village and community has always been a point of pride for Geneseo and I commend all who served on the task force," said Dahl. "Reinforcing mutual cooperation among all organizations on quality of life matters can only result in positive relationships and we're pleased to be sharing this responsibility."

Simonetti also had praise for task force members, emphasizing the importance of inclusiveness.

"What makes this compact strong is the collaboration among the task force members who made sure all interests were fully represented," said Simonetti. "The college and village have always enjoyed a professional, respectful relationship and the compact provides clear guidelines on making sure that continues into the future."

Alonzo noted in his remarks that he and his wife chose to live in Geneseo because of the vitality and opportunities the college offers to the community.

"There were occasional challenges as well," said Alonzo. "For instance, we lived for 28 years next to a fraternity house. But direct communication worked well - to make the young men feel welcome in the neighborhood and to keep us in touch with their lives. There are other things I would have liked to see in the compact, such as a statement welcoming students to community events, but this is a good start and certainly strengthens the lines of communication."

The Geneseo Town-Gown Relations Compact reads:

• Violations of the SUNY Geneseo Code of Conduct that affect the quality of life in the Village of Geneseo will be adjudicated through the procedures established in the code.

• The President of the college will communicate to all students and parents the expected standards of conduct in the community.

• The college will continue to mandate that students living off campus provide complete and accurate contact information, to include local address, phone numbers and emergency contact information.

• The Village of Geneseo will continue to provide landlord and property manager information upon request of the college.

• The Village of Geneseo Police Department will provide all reports involving SUNY Geneseo students to the college through the University Police Department.

• The University and Village Police Departments will mutually share information about where and how underage students are procuring alcoholic beverages and where and how all students are procuring illegal substances.

• The Village of Geneseo will continue its active village-wide enforcement of all housing and code complaints and infractions, and inform the college of complaints and infractions pertaining to SUNY Geneseo student conduct.

• SUNY Geneseo officials will, at minimum, communicate with and host an annual workshop for local landlords and/or property managers to provide information on campus/community expectations and actions the college will take to address student conduct issues. Similarly, village officials will, at minimum, sponsor an annual workshop for landlords on personal liability as it pertains to social hosts and other issues. It is recommended that these workshops be held jointly.

• SUNY Geneseo and village officials will, at minimum, co-sponsor an annual workshop with the college for student tenants on tenant rights and responsibilities.

• The Geneseo Town-Gown Relations Compact will be posted on a college website, along with information and resources specifically for community residents, including key telephone numbers at the college and the village, contact names for complaints and emergencies; and other timely messages that may affect residents of the local community.

• SUNY Geneseo will share with village officials the Student Conduct and Community Standards Log upon conclusion of each academic semester.

• SUNY Geneseo and appropriate municipal officials will work towards the development and creation of an educationally based Diversion Program to address select student conduct issues brought before local courts as a result of an arrest.

• SUNY Geneseo and village officials will continue to monitor the number of calls for village ambulance service to campus to ensure that the needs of both the campus and community continue to be adequately met.


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