Frequently Asked Questions

Faculty & Staff Mail

Q: What do I needed to do for a bulk mailing?
A: The mailing must be a minimum of 200 pieces and be in zip code order from low to high. The upper right hand corner must be stamped with the non profit stamp which can be borrowed from the Accounting Department. It is asked that rubber bands are not used to band anything together.

Q: Does it cost more to send a F/C letter to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico?
A: A regular letter does not cost more to send to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico. Priority mail will cost more and the rate depends on the exact location of where the letter is going.

Q: When you are sending out a newsletter that needs to be folded, where should the fold be and how to should the newsletter be closed?
A: The United States Postal Office requires newsletters to be folded on the bottom with a piece of tape fastening the newsletter at the top.

Q: When do you need to put a customs form on a package?
A: Customs forms are required to go on packages that leave the country that weigh more than one pound. Packages that are under one pound do not require a customs form. Customs forms are located in Mail Services.

Q: What is priority mail?
A: Priority Mail is any piece of mail that weighs over 14 ounces. It is usually delivered in 2 to 3 days. This is not guaranteed. There is no way to track priority mail.